For over two decades, I have spent many hours with trauma and have learned its ways. Life wounds us: trauma is a wound. The wounds we hold as human beings have been a long fascination of mine. We might deny, ignore or explain away these wounds. We might respond to them in a multitude of ways. We may feel we have no control over the way we are. Yet these wounds, if given space for understanding, can become gifts for our transformation.

The book began as an article I wrote in the first lockdown in 2020. Mental and Physical Health in a time of Covid-19 was published here and on the Banbury Therapy Centre website and was used as a resource to help the understanding of trauma in challenging times. The current book is an expansion of this article - the result of three years work. Each of the chapters outlines a different response to trauma and the manuscript is near completion.

In the book, I distil some principles drawn from my long experience of working with trauma while not suggesting everyone needs therapy. The book will be of interest to anyone who is experiencing trauma, is close to or cares for someone who is traumatised. I examine in detail the effects of trauma on the brain and body and show how it manifests in our behaviour. This book explains what trauma is and shows how it can be transformed. It offers a multitude of creative ideas and resources to show experiences of trauma can be turned into lessons for life.

Trauma: An Inside Job will be of interest to a general public - to the survivors of trauma, friends and families of trauma sufferers whether recognised or unrecognised, carers, charity workers, aid workers, social workers, volunteers, therapy students, medical staff, first responders or anyone who interacts with and cares about the wounds of others. This is a book of hope, showing us how the broken threads of our lives can be woven back together again.

Welcome to my counselling & psychotherapy website

I am a counsellor, psychotherapist and supervisor with over twenty five years experience.

I have two private practices, in Central London (Wimpole Street) and The Banbury Therapy Centre, Parson’s Street, Banbury, Oxfordshire.

I work with individuals and couples who want to make changes in their lives. I am highly skilled to listen and accept you as you are. I would hope to be able to shed light on the root of the difficulty and help you work through painful life events and situations.

This website aims to introduce you to me and my work and to answer some of the questions you might have about counselling and psychotherapy.

If you would like to enquire further I would be pleased to speak with you over the phone or correspond by email about the counselling and psychotherapy service I provide.

I work with individuals & couples on a short or longer term basis

An event or difficulty that may typically may lead us to seek therapeutic help could be a bereavement, a broken relationship, problems at work or within the family, or an addiction.

It is not unusual for an individual to understand a lot about their emotional difficulties but they can find themselves locked into repeating patterns and can feel powerless to change them. It can be that these recurring patterns that cause distress can be addressed and understood within the safety of a therapeutic relationship.


What is counselling or psychotherapy?

Counselling or psychotherapy offers you the opportunity to talk, confidentially, to a qualified practitioner who is trained to listen to you carefully and understand and accept you. It offers you a safe place to help you to think more clearly about your difficulties and understand your feelings. Together we will try to think about you and what is causing your unhappiness.

Though it can take courage, a therapy process can be enlightening and enable you to find new tools to manage your life and problems and feel less stuck in patterns that are not working for you. Here are some other details about the way I work. Each session lasts 50 minutes and will usually be on the same day and at the same time each week.

Counselling is generally a shorter process and psychotherapy generally more in depth for a more substantial time.